One thing, and this thing is true,

Listen to one thing, whether you

Know it or not,

Listen, my son and see;

I am asking, begging,

Of you only one thing.


Don’t be confused

By the feel of flesh.

Don’t be swayed

By the tongue; it’s wet

And soft to the taste.

Discern, yes, see through


Wet and inviting

Can mean many things.


Don’t confuse the physical

With true feelings.

First feelings,

And other powerful things,

Found treasures,

Foreign exchange,

Until needed, can mean

Different things.


Commitment for pleasure

Never make.

Promises in heat

Never take;

For when the moment is over

And the promise is due,

Many tongues, many wombs,

Appeal to you.

Never commit before God

To gain temporary things.

A vow cannot be broken

Spoken in haste though it be.

Let heat pass

Before promising.