Then, in the course of time,
When, in your state of mind,
For your kin and all mankind,
Make your presence known.

These words were said to me
By one whose counsel I was told to seek.
They sounded strange to me
At the time.

What would you do
When in the course of time you
Came to the crossroads
With the one who
Could change the course of your life?

Here is what I chose to do;
Here is where I chose to be.
You may find some solace in
The decisions that came.
I keep, and you may too,
Inside of me, keep these truths
That the decisions as a young man
I made qualified and condemned
The role I play.

You, young man, make decisions too.
The part of yourself, the womb you chose
To, your seed and future, sow into
Will change forever your family line too.

Is her function a wife to be?
Is her flesh yours to beat?
Like a picture on a page
Will she pleasure you?
Can you trust her?
Should you?
Why, you ask,
And Why, I think,
Should my advice
Mean anything
To one so full of promise as you?
Listen, son of your father.
Listen, dude.

You wonder why
I choose, of all things,
A female object lesson,
So many things
Right now are more
Important, it seems,
Young buck he knows
More than me.

But, buck, I was
In so deep.
Strong, handsome,
It had to be,
Life, about me.
Life about you
Goes round, bout now
It should be dawning.
On you rests
Your father’s dreams.
Did he raise you first hand?
Do you know the beat
Of the old man’s displeasure
On you?
I know my fathers.
Here’s what they’d say
To you.

Young man, young buck,
Young son, young seed,
Before you, we
Came. Believe
More besides will carry
Our line.
When you enter any womb,
Look. Behind is your brother.
Look up, brother. See,
Your father, his father,
Grandfathers will be
Looking over your shoulder
To see
Who comes after you.
What do you need
To make the line
From we to you
Of warriors, kings,
Holy men who
Answer when brought
Where you’ll be
Of the impact
You left on the thing
We answer for in eternity.

She has a father,
Whatever womb into
Enters the seed
Fathers passed to you.
Be the womb human
Or life invested,
Whatever thing
Sowed by you into,
Believe we
All account for,
All answer to
All, the first father,
Passed we all through.

Here’s what in hearing,
Young man, earn from me.
Here’s what, really,
The first writing means.
You have one organ.
You, many seed received.
Make, cultivate, plow often
The carefully chosen field
Where, by faith,
Father’s to you entrusted plant.
Is that pleasure worthy?
Is this womb, man?
Know, and be faithful,
Your fathers watch to see
What grows forth from planting.
Each recognizes his seed.

When from this life you exit,
Know a father sits. Waiting, watching,
Hoping what you entered with
Springs, grows, blooms
Into a worthy thing.
Young man, every womb
You sow your father’s seed into
Testifies eternally.