Trouble Me not to say to you things
You abhor to listen to my inside
When it brings you hurt to listen
To the truth of what your business
Does to Me.

I am the little one, the voice of the least.
I cry for the hidden love, hurts you never see.
My loved ones open mouths wide with cries.
You never hear, you rape justice
And laugh at virgin tears.

For every tasty morsel from Me you have withheld,
For each penny of the wages that before God will tell
The way you represented the authority of God to me
Don’t look my way when your pretenses fade.

Before eternity you stand, and there for eternity will be
The way you showed mercy, the way you chose to lead.
For now is but precursor, these few short years we play
The minister, the martyr, the villain, the way we use
What’s been entrusted when God His face stays hid,
No memory of what’s after betrays this consciousness.

You and I were wiped clean when from the womb we came,
Each equally equipped to show through life one thing.
Can we before God of eternity exist?
What in our record shows to His rule we submit?