Since you know Me, so well, you say,
Since of my knowledge you deign to taste,
I, knowing man, ask from you
This question. Do you concede to truth?
Do you know my way made clear
Or does the sewage of your thought interfere?

Have you known my way, as your ability allows?
Can you create or steer new life, endowed with a magnet
That draws it back? Can you see truly yours? Truly Me?

Listen, man of questions, and hear this one down deep
Resonating in the spot reserved solely for Me, the
Intersection of time confined and eternity.
Can you take what is mine,
One soul destined for grace,
Just one, time
You’ll lose
Time in Me?
Take time, O asker, to watch,
See the need in you. That’s the seed
Of eternity imprisoned in weakness though
Limitless and truly powerful, it speaks a truth
Given few.