In the course of time,
In the failure of truth,
When the thoughts of your mind
Continually lead you
Away from Me,
Think on these things.

I was here the day before your birth.
In the canal, I measured what worth
To the kingdom your journey will bring,
Every thought, every action,
Every nuance, even sleeping brings
Closeness to unfolding, to the moment of truth.

I knew you.

When, in that day, before my throne you stand,
When the sum of your choices reveals your stance,
Remember that I knew whether my way you would choose
Or whether to your own you bow the knee.
You make up gods, you prostrate the knee to kings.
Know they all with you are known to Me.

Little man, know my love for you was never taken away.
You reaped the actions your fathers and mothers made.
Through their river pollution to Me or away you swam.
My own towards my voice one by one still ran
Though you tortured some for their likeness to Me
And tempted all your way downstream, still to Me,
Though upstream, and though needing strength none possess,
Your judges testify with perfect witness your hate for them
Is the final thing.
I knew from the beginning you’d never break free.