In the course of time,
In the sense of minutes,
In what you and I know
Rests the peace of mankind,
In this you come into My knowing,
In this you come into My peace,
In the moments outside of knowing
You find inside is Me.

If all-knowing I be,
And all-knowing I am,
There is no spot not invaded,
Searched out, scanned,
Known instantly, for in Me is no recall,
All is present, all at once,
Summer, winter and the full measure
Of what encloses you
To Me is constant, fully perceived,
All are one in Me.

You think that I don’t know you.
You think by stealth you hide.
You think I have forgotten,
Like you I’m not confined
To time or space or memory,
These things I have created.
In your smallest, minutest smile,
Know I will be there.