In the time you take to see me,
In the time I see you,
In the moment of understanding,
There is a given truth.

I want to know you,
You, to know me.
Our love and understanding,
One day to seek
That place where we
Come together.

My brother, my sister,
The ones who
Share this understanding
Of Jesus, the truth,
That I in you
And you in me
Are one together more
Than all humanity
In Him.

When it comes to understanding
Another human being,
When it comes to becoming
What neither you nor I
Could be
Without one another,
Without the dream,
Without His presence,
You in I seems
So far from reality,
So far from truth,
So far from simple
Knowing me, you.

I want to share your feelings,
You and I be
One in another’s feeling,
Your pain in me
Taken away for the sharing,
Taken away by the peace
That remains after repairing
Our broken history.

Let’s go in this He is offering,
Let’s you and I be truth.
Let us walk in understanding,
So easy yet hard
To do what He commands us,
To live in love, in peace.
He said He Who commands love,
They know Him through you and me.
No more misunderstanding,
No more, can’t we see
There is no more division
In Jesus Christ, our king?

His body we rip
And nails we speak in
When our conversation, our honor
Recognizes difference.
Are we any stronger,
Can we who to Him belong discern?
Can we not see for trying
How much division burns
Within us, His body,
Within us, His limbs,
When we apply labels
To no difference?

I’m Black, you’re White.
You deny, can’t see
The worth of a sister,
Flesh and wealth blinding.
Can you see the Holy Spirit?
Within her, within me,
Despite our earthly station,
Don’t let temporality
Hide infinite, eternal blessing.

Don’t be fooled by appearance.
Jesus uncovered the only clue;
Infinite blessing, release of all power
He said we could find in
Collective comfort living in each.
Each believer is part, a piece,
Of God, God Himself inside each.
When you refuse to love me
Or I to decide to love you,
We refuse rejoin what
Was torn. In truth,
Love for me, love for you
Was Jesus’ cry that we
Together, heal, unleash
By coming together
His blood, our wound.