two things

When men shake off, like figs from a tree, the God who formed them and begin to see in themselves, God, the victory, though hollow, a shadow claiming to be the former that matters, all eternity cries “Injustice.” Don’t we hear in our hearts, unless we have inside been consumed in our journey by darkness, doesn’t the need to give all, our life story a retelling of one central theme, know, whether it be an inferior—power, money—that we will serve, devote energy to greater than we?

Here’s the thing. You and I are created beings. Our origin, the where where we existed before physical form encased the part even we still can’t agree—is it spirit, matter, soul—or pinpoint thousands of years since man first decided we are to be the object of instinct, the original purpose of the species is hidden, even our ending. We cannot though claiming to be deserving of service explain two obviously inconsistent truths of every human being who knows not anything beyond the limitation of time. Our great need to devote our collective ‘here being’ to someone, something, evidences someone, something beyond the point we enter and to the physical leave, draws us, not we.

Are we gods, you and I? Can we explain from whence our appearing, the smallest detail to prove we preceded or exist after? There is one who came, recorded history recounts He spoke authoritatively of his preexistence, where He sojourns after He sheds our confinement to physical, clearly has mastery over established things superior to this form, time, all each becoming child of collective human being has resigned to being under.

Can He be the key to the mystery of such elementary awareness intelligence seeks? Where do we exist before, after, this?