Once you know how time flies by,
You have the sense God has arrived
To come for you and see your being,
What you have done with His essence being
Given into you for you to do what honors Him.
What will you do?

How much time have you left on this sphere?
Will you want, will you cry, will you seek after, here,
What God has ordained for you to do,
Or will you seek for your comfort, food and shelter over Who
Has given to you as separated from all beings, His true essence
As primary need? More than life, more than food, water too
Is the essence of God of need.

You have to realize, have to see
What causes your death brings true relief
From needing, from wanting earthly things.
Can you die to yourself and in you God be
Utmost, primal, above all needs?

God is watching to see.