Why don’t you know what I’m asking you to?
Because you have in mind a different thing to do.
You want My way, you say, yet do not turn to Me.
See, this I have told you from the beginning.

You cannot do anything without Me.
From the garden to the temple,
You’ve been given to see
That where I am is where you meet
The time, season, substance of your need.

I am what you were created for.
I am more than you can
Adore your weak ability.
Fight, fawn over gifts from Me.
In your fallen state,
Worship a mere shadow of beauty
I made you.

Don’t you
Ever want
To come
Back to
It in
to see
I made

Here is truth.
I am the only good
You ever will see.
Outside of Me
You have nothing.
Inside, there is
Your “made to be.”

Choose Me.