This is a story about the wonder of faith. The man who knows how to love with all his heart can say that in this story he sees his own truth. Listen in and learn what full maturity goes through.

There was a young woman named Venus. She lived with her mother and between them they could not even buy food. They were tempted their beauty to let be used by those with food and food to spare. Venus about her father’s name did care.

Venus’ mother one day came home. She felt she and Venus, if left alone, would one day come, from the throes of poverty, to desperate acts that, though temporarily, bring from hunger relief, leave a lasting grief.

Venus’ mother to her brought home, from what source of funds her mother never told, for Venus a fitted wedding ring. It Venus from that day wore. Certain things they noticed bubbled as fresh springs in dry and weary arenas forgotten long since by them. The market, the walkway, even her thoughts within had been transformed by new circumstance into place Venus found welcome, none excluded her for reason of one perceived thing. What she challenged for the taking the ring said to him who would barter or vie for had been fairly contested and won. Of love for her suitor, Venus went on and on to potential employer and with whom she would trade, of love for the man for whose heart she stayed in true virtue, indeed her loyalty won many an admirer. It seems she came to be the day’s highlight for countless men, listening, adoring, wishing they’d win true devotion, admiration, the respect she more and more deftly filled ears that did bring food and other rations, good trades she made. Venus, like her mother, knew that a maiden to a man, once she’s conquered can no longer be source, inspiration, a sought-after thing, unless, like with Venus, the possibility.

Man, look at Venus, look and see a woman whose virtue would not be surrendered for even the food, her need down deep inside a woman to be deeply treasured, her daily stories would be of how the man through loving gave his everything.

See, man, look at what such a simple thing, a piece of metal wrapped around a finger means. She’ll remember and talk about your essence even when you’re not conquering for reasons you sought: beauty, fleshly things. Give her all for all will see your conquered woman from street to street trumpeting the love from you she receives.

Isn’t a lifetime of her conquered really conquering?