You never want my will for you.

By idle words, you show who

You worship, who you believe.

No idle worshipers are seen

In courts my peace

Rules, abides, renders

Meaning to those

Who my rule accept.


I cry out your name

In vain for my voice

You disdain and

My beauty your

Blind eyes


You hate what you hear

And think Me

Like you

Altogether lost,

Not able to

Satisfy inner need.

Created being,

Your need were you

Able to accurately assign?

What you’re after

Is after what I

In the beginning

Placed within.

Were you there?

Can you know when

The need you carry

Is complete?

Man, are you Me?

Listen, now

As I say to you

Who listen not,

Who hide truth

Of your destination

In front of Me.

Would you would

Come to Me

And find in you

The need,

What satisfaction means

For your moment

Of reckoning.

What will you bring

To Me?