When the time you need to savor
What you have done to Me
Is over, let Me labor
No more with pleasantries.

You have done what you’ve done to Me
Without repentance or regard.
From you, my freedom I have won,
You seem now to be in awe
That the shackles with which you bound Me
Deep scars on Me have left.
You smile and laugh and try to please,
Yet are bewildered when you get
Reminders that you bound my feet
And time from Me you took.
We life has bound together,
Yet what from Me you took
Shouts, “Injustice,” in my head
With every strive you make.
You call Me equally capable.
Keep in mind that
The world you told, and we all believed
That I was less than you,
Still, though for bruised flesh shackles I left,
Our minds hold lies as truth.

Don’t you still oppress, deny dignity
To our union to this day?
The sickness of your countless lies,
Your sentence read aloud won’t make
Healing balm or justice for Me,
Keep your punishment, that’s not what I seek.

I want now what was stolen.