This is the time we want to say to you
All sorts of things. That will not bring about the truth
You need to be seeing, hearing, doing as you ought to do.

Think on these things as I have given them to you:
Truth, honesty, your love of discourse has taken you
Far beyond where I wanted for you to be.
Can’t you think of Me?
Can’t you make time in your thoughts for truth?
What do you, what are you waiting on, what do you want
Me to do with you who have no thought for Me?
Do you think Me unjust?
Think of Me and not of your thoughts, treasonous
Though they be scattered among many thoughts
Of Me you cannot find time to think.
You make up, mortals, thoughts of Me
Though to you I have left a reckoning,
An exact representation of what you need.
The very image, though so bastardized you have been
In image to seek, I sent to walk among all the woman’s seed.

It pained Me deeply
The walking so you could see
The way sons seek the thoughts of loving fathers.
Why, in your treason, do you refuse Me?
Think your father’s thoughts.