Dear Lord, Please be to me one who creates out of mystery, cleanness, so I can be in touch with You, with doubts no longer being my go to when trouble captures me.Let me remind through repeating what You speak to Me, Your word, Your leading, what You’ve taught me and in no way fear, in Jesus name. Amen.


Father, inChrist Jesus’ name,Let me beginAnew to love YouEvery day, as ifMy heart hadLost its wayAnd the beatingThat sustainsCould be foundIn only You.Let truth beMy arbiterAnd the wayI think, overrulingAny thought, Any desire,Any thingThat would seekTo overrule You.Let my heartAnd mind be oneIn praising You,In seeking Yours,In seeking You,Demanding no lessThan the intimacyWe two sharedThe day before.Let what’s in storeEvery …


Dear Lord, I prayTo be after your heartAll day, every day,Taking into accountWith each new dayYour mercy, graceAnd the wayI failed toIn times beforeCome throughThrough truly adoringYou and settingYou before all things,Counting first the outcomeMy action bringsOn our unity.Let me beAfter your willIn all things,Chasing, hungry forUnbroken unityWith you, my king,Which is my peace.This peace is my Balance and measuring …


Dear Lord, I prayThat my soulWould be givenTo You every day,That my heartWould be fullOf what YouWant me to do,That my lifeWould be seenAs worthy by YouIn what Your SonDid for me,That I would beYour sergeant,Your reliefIn the earthFor those who plead,Ask You for relief.In Jesus’ name,Let me be their relief.