God, Man, Woman

One of the fine things about a Christian man is when he says he cannot, God says, “I can.”

One of the best things about a Christian lady is her surrender to a man, equal though they be.

Our God, who is God, finds strength in weak things. His power, which is power, is far above our ability.

Who can pose that which is unknown to God’s infinity? Who can stand above Him Who is beneath deepest deep, above all man can see, our best – a leap from shore to cross the great deep? Where does our breath go when we die? In the beginning, were you or I there to testify? Have eyes seen the end of all things? Can any claim centuries of fulfilled utterings, calling as completed future things, written down for successive generations to read? Has anyone taken from one as good as dead a nation of people, a people enduring scattered for centuries to lands, to kings figuring the solution, the proof, the justification in rejecting God’s prophecy, the final solution to this people’s living testimony is to destroy, to the last, those who in writing were promised a country and an eternal inheritance, a King?

One of the fine things of the father and God of the King of Christianity is His word endures, prophecy is sure, proven throughout centuries.