no limits

When you take the time to know Me,
When you find the time to care,
When I show myself, you’re only
The one I’m hearing,
Then you’ll be taken
Places none have been.
It’s more than what your feelings
Or thoughts do reveal.

What, in the time I know you,
Never you could describe,
Not feeling nor sensation,
Your mind may soon decide
Never really happened,
You will however be
Changed by my presence,
My touch beyond belief.

Faith I require.
Fear you reply.
My touch, my fire
And word still divide
The fleshly from like Me,
Your soul and spirit too.
When once your seeking
Finds my
Touch, touched are you.

I have much to tell you.
Whether flesh receives,
Your seeking cannot find Me
Unless you bring belief.
Even this is given
From the touch of Me
Received through sacrifice.

You can’t conceive
Or know my presence
As knowing spirits do
As confined makes room
Within its power
For infinite to move
Across its outer barrier
That within you may receive
The fullness of the presence,
Consumed by Me.

To your untouched limit
Your mind scurries in fear
When faced with understanding
Of what our union means.
One simple truth
Faces all who be
God by their bound measure,
God outside acknowledging
Our union begins
Your limits end,
Ending when
You began.