With the time it takes to explain
To you, so many things, what puzzles,
What hinders, what from behind you stay,
You could have asked the question
Most pertinent to me.
You could have drawn near, truth you wouldn’t seek.

Think on these things and clearly
Your mind, soul can find ease.
Muse on what dearly is found in the repeated.
Constantly I call out to you.
Like your beginning, you draw back from truth.

I’ve been wanting for so long
What you once said belonged
To Me alone.
I’ve been in want, in need, after
What the two did not conceive.
There’s a seed, as thoughts and flesh can be,
A universe of power, what’s you hidden of Me,
That can neither be grown to blooming, indeed,
Cannot be even seen—inconceivable your finite form
Contains unlimited, infinity.