Think on why
You who
Would create
A new world
Yet not invite
Who made
These things.
Does not
A divine creator
Speak through
You see
And hear
Yet fail to be
Awestruck by
The wonder
Of My majesty.
You’ve seen
These things
So long
You fail to be,
Like your ancestors,
In search of Me
And bow to
Created things.
Isn’t it time
You sought after
I tell you
What is coming
You who
Deny My existence,
Deny Me,
I will
Cut you down
In your prime
And replace
Your station
With these
Little ones
Who have
Figured out
In all
God is seen
And you wise
Will forever be
Subservient to those
Who sought
Refuge in Me.
Since you can’t
In this
Short time
Acknowledge Me,
Serve these
You look
Down on
You few
Who escape
The judgment
Of these
Who accept
Neither My Son
Nor Me.
So many things
You focused
Yet failed
To see Me.
Seek, you slanderous
Ones, for eternity.